Any Vendors that would like to participate at the ITA convention
need to contact Craig Sweet at 515-306-9385 or email him at

Photo contest
Mail your pictures to: Tom Walters 1723 20th St.
Bettendorf, IA 52722-3829
Categories are: Animal in Trap, Trapper and Catch,
Multiple Catch, Youth(16 & younger)

The Iowa Trappers Association is a state-wide organization that is made up of trappers that
work together to promote and protect our sport of trapping. We were instrumental in
developing and instructing of the Iowa Fur Harvester Education Class for young trappers.

Legislatively, the ITA is recognized and respected for its opinions in the formation of laws
concerning trapping, hunting and fishing by the Iowa Legislature and the Iowa Department of
Natural Resources.  ITA was involved in the REAP Coalition and it's passing, and we helped
to save the Fish & Wildlife Trust Fund from being spent to balance the state budget problems.

The Iowa Trappers Association is more than a Trapping Organization......

We are a true Sportsman's Organization!

If you have items of interest to all trappers, legislative alerts, or suggestions for this website
please send them to
Craig Sweet.
Skunk Smell Remover Recipe
1Qt. Hydrogen Peroxide
1 C. Baking Soda
1 tsp. Liquid Dish Soap
Mix all ingredients together in an
open bucket. Use a sponge or cloth
to wipe animal, including inside of
Keep out of eyes!
Iowa Trappers Association, Inc.
"Fur, A Natural Renewable Resource"
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Iowa Trappers Association, Inc.
"Fur, A Natural Renewable Resource"
At the ITA BOD meeting Feb 10, 2019 it was voted and approved
to increase the price of our membership with publication
from the current $20 to $30 effective August 1, 2019. All

other membership options will remain at the current price.