The deadline for this application is April 1st.  Applications received after June 1 will be evaluated for the school year
one year from date of application.

The Iowa Trappers Association Directors will select the recipient for the scholarship at the summer directors


1.        The ITA scholarship is open to all students who have graduated high
   school this year and are continuing their education.

2.        Successful applicant shall be a member of the Iowa Trappers Association or an immediate family
  member shall be an ITA member and a resident of Iowa.

3.        This scholarship is for $500.00.

Please attach additional sheets of paper for more space if needed.


Name ___________________________________________

Campus Address ________________________________________________________

Permanent Address ______________________________________________________

Telephone Number (    ) ______________ Campus   (    ) ______________ Permanent

Primary Major ______________________ Secondary Major ____________________

Year (Circle One)  Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior   Graduate Student

Date of expected graduation ________________________

Undergraduate GPA ______________ Graduate GPA (if applicable) _____________

1.        Scholarships received plus additional honors and awards.

2.        Past and/or present memberships in organizations that promote natural resource conservation.

3.        Offices held and committee work.

4.        How would you support trapping for the management of wildlife?

5.        Course work (list courses by name and number and indicate grade for courses you have taken:  
                    (include a copy of your transcript).

6.        Work experience (employer, dates, type of work, etc.)

7.        Give any other information you feel is pertinent to this application.

8.        Have you ever been convicted of a wildlife crime?  Yes ____ No ____
If so, please explain.

Please return application to:

Tom Walters
                    Iowa Trappers Association
1723 - 20th St
Bettendorf, IA 52722
 Email -